The 3 Levels of Alpine Ski Simulator Coaching

1. New Skier:

Learn the basics of modern skiing with the help of an experienced ski instructor. We start with getting you into the proper ski boots, and will familiarize you with modern ski movements, first on “dry land” and then at slow speeds on the simulator. You will learn proper balance and get comfortable making proper ski turns in a perfectly controlled environment. It’s a good work out, and a lot of fun. Gonzo’s is a great place to start a new ski career!

2. Experienced Skier:

If you are already a skier, come in and take your skiing to the next level! Whether you are trying out a new pair of boots, coming back from an injury, or getting ready for that big ski trip, Gonzo’s is the place to do it. Our certified ski pros will assess your boots, and get you dialed in. With various drills and even various “snow conditions” on the simulator, we can get you ready for anything, and with the endless slope and no lifts to ride, you will make more turns than ever and be in great shape in no time!

3. Expert Skier/Racer/Instructor Certification Training:

All of our advanced sessions begin with an expert review of your anatomy, alignment, your foot beds and your boots by a coach who is also an experienced boot fitter. Your boots and alignment form the foundation for good skiing.
These expert programs are then specifically tailored to your needs. We focus on building solid modern alpine technique for racing, ski instructor certification and just plain great skiing.

Through the use of specific gate training drills, running race courses, a healthy amount of metrics from the simulator and video taken of your skiing, we can identify your skiing needs and improve your skiing performance.

Any time of year, no matter the weather, you can improve your skiing, in a perfectly controlled environment and with no stopping to ride a lift.

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