I just wanted to follow up with a big Thank You after Braden’s birthday party that we had
at Gonzo’s on March 18th. It was so much fun for the kids, which is no small feat when
you have 14 ten year olds to entertain! The kids’ parents were even excited for their
kids to come play golf on the simulators since a lot of them have been to golf camp or
the driving range; several even had their own golf clubs. Of course even if they hadn’t
played golf they loved trying it out on the simulators, plus playing ping pong, pool,
foosball and of course the wii on the big screen! We ordered out for pizza and brought
cupcakes for the kids, so it was super easy for us to put together. We had had a lot of
different types of parties but this was definitely one of the best. I think he is
planning on coming back for his birthday next year!